Kidney Cancer

Understanding kidneys In the lower abdomen, two organs of fist size on both sides of the spine are called kidneys. Adrenal gland is attached to the upper part of the kidney. Each kidney is enclosed by fatty tissues and fibrous tissue. Kidneys have a vital function to perform. They filter blood of water and wastes […]

Types & Causes of Cancer

As we have briefed earlier that there are more than 100 types of cancer while each is different from the rest in symptoms, causes and treatment. Here we have given you a broader category of grouping various types of cancer. Cancer types can be grouped into broader categories. Mainly they include: Carcinoma: It is the […]

Skin Cancer

Introduction to Skin Cancer Skin cancer is the most diagnosed type of cancer and more than one million people get victimized only in the United States. The common reason of developing skin cancer is uncontrolled transformation and multiplication of normal cells. The multiplication of such abnormal cells transforms into a mass known as Tumor, referred […]

Colon Cancer

What is Colon? Colon in human beings is a 4 feet long tube shaped muscular organ. From the end of our small bowel the colon extends to our anus while turning and twisting in our abdomen. There are three functions that a colon performs: Digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food; By the absorption […]

Prevent and Treatment of Cervical Cancer

How to prevent cervical cancer? Vaccines are developed for preventing only certain types of HPV infection. In a span of six months the vaccine is given in three doses to the women. In case of pregnancy the vaccine is not given until the baby is born. It is estimated that about 30 per cent of […]

Treatment of HPV

Condoms do not give complete protection against the transmission of HPV because the virus moves through skin to skin contact. However, condoms are helpful in getting rid of the HPV infection in a short span of time and helps in improving the result of Pap test. There are also vaccines to protect people against some […]

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