Causes of Heart Failure

A number of reasons can lead one to the failure of heart. The development of heart failure corresponds with the other conditions that have gradually weakened or damaged the heart or some key parts of it. With the passage of time the heart starts to show impotency in fulfilling its routine requirements. Between the beats […]

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure (CHF) or heart failure is the condition in which heart is not able to pump enough blood to the body so it can meet its basic requirements. The disease is a result of high blood pressure and coronary artery disease that makes the heart too weak or too hard to properly fill […]

Heart Valve Diseases

With every heart beat blood flows into, out of and through the heart. Research reveals that a heart pumps 100 gallons of blood on an average to the body every hour. It means that a heart pumps about 24000 gallons of blood in a single day The flow of blood through heart is only in […]

Risk Factors of Heart Disease

Coronary risk factors are the factors that can increase one’s risk to have a heart attack. These factors are responsible for contributing in the establishment of atherosclerosis that can narrow the arteries throughout the body in addition to the coronary arteries that take blood to your heart. We have hear by encompassed some of the […]

Heart Attack

Coronary artery is the vessel that feeds heart with blood and heart attack happens when a blood clot hinders the floe of blood through the coronary artery. Such interrupted rush of blood to the heart can not only damage but also destroy the muscles of heart. A long time ago heart attack was considered to […]


Endocarditis is an infection that erupts the inner lining, the endocardium, of one’s heart. The condition usually happens when germs like bacteria migrate from other parts of one’s body especially from one’s mouth to his or her bloodstream and from there travel to the damaged areas of one’s heart. An endocarditis that is not treated […]

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